Sunday, 20 September 2015

Day trippin'

The problem with being impatient

You've probably all heard about and seen a load of photos on social media about Banksy's Dismaland in Weston-super-Mare?  Yeah me too, so Sam, my friend Mel and I decided to take a road trip to Weston to take a look.  Both Mel and I had tried to get tickets online but they sell out super quick, one time I was entering my payment details and they sold out whilst I was doing that, I was pretty pissed.

You can get tickets on the door so we thought we'd give it a go, we rock up and there is a pretty substantial queue... it'll move quickly we thought, it will be fine.... Sam went off to explore and came back with the exciting news that we could expect to queue for at least three hours.  Yeah, yeah Mel and I thought, as if!  So we carried on whilst Sam went into town to get crisps and snacks, after an hour we'd moved less than 100 metres, well fook this, ain't nobody got time for that no matter how good it's supposed to be.

Kitsch wonderland

Giving up on the queue was actually a big relief, we skipped off into town ready to buy pasties, ice cream and fish and chips!  Sam had found a shop called 'proper job', best cheap shop ever!  I purchased neon orange washing up brushes, yes that's right you heard me, so much joy whilst washing up now.  Happy days.

But we all know that it's the Grand Pier arcade that's the real winner.  My favourite moment of the day?  Watching Mel shouting "fuck off, fuck off" to a bunch of Care Bears in a claw game cabinet, sadly none of us came away with a prize but perhaps an increased risk of diabetes from all the bad bad food.

This girl was pretty happy with the Big Ben penny pusher, I lost 50 pence worth of 2ps, not happy about that.

Chips by the seaside could we be any more British?  Sam was getting tired and tetchy by this point so we headed back to the car via a weird pick 'n' mix shop with skull lollies, liked the look of them but DID NOT want to eat them, bleurgh.

I'll be making an appointment with the dentist now thanks

Just being near all those sticks of rock made my teeth ache but there is no denying Weston-Super-Mare is a riot of colours, sounds and salty sea air.  I tried again on Saturday to get tickets to Dismaland but failed, ah well nevermind.

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