Monday, 30 November 2015

Christmas Pinterest

Around about September I start getting the urge to pin Christmas images to my numerous Christmas Pinterest boards but even I recognise that this is socially unacceptable and shouldn't be encouraged.  But as we're so close to December I thought I would be allowed to share some of these, my favourite pins with you?

I have the following Christmas themed boards you can take a look at: Advent, DIY. Food, Garlands, Gift Wrap, Illustration, Room Decoration, Table Decoration, and finally Tree (you may not have guessed but I really like Christmas).

Monday, 16 November 2015

The view from plot 39a

Found photos

I was taking some photos to put stuff on eBay (ugh so skint!) and found these on the memory card.  They were taken in late August/early September before other Sam joined us on the plot and before we had constructed serenity shed to shelter in when in rains (rather than hiding under a sheet of plastic!).

The spiral tendrils are from the butternut squash plant, once you give it a little support it climbs and climbs sending out these amazing spiral arms to grip onto whatever comes within it's grasp.  The apple trees behind the polytunnel where ridiculously abundant this year so many of the apples were just rotting on the ground next year we might try and make some cider with them.  Hopefully we won't go blind...

I'll do a proper update from the plot soon, it has been so rainy recently and the plot turns to sticky, heavy mud making it almost impossible to work on and no fun to photograph.  

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Everyday adventuring


This last fortnight in particular has been crazy busy, with all the staff cuts at work there is no quiet time any more where we can catch our breath and do all of those jobs that aren't urgent.  My colleagues and I eat/sleep/work/repeat but hey we do it with colourful bunting and a smile on our faces so that's ok then...

Sarah and I did squeeze in a trip to the Bike Shed Theatre where we saw We This Way, the audience hold up different coloured glow sticks to dictate the direction of the story it was really interesting I would recommend it.

Christmas disappointments

I'm going back to a real Christmas tree, I tried a fake one last year and it just wasn't the same not nearly as Chritmassy and exciting as a real tree.  To celebrate this decision Sarah and I ordered a bunch of novelty decorations from ASDA sadly the order arrived incomplete and many of the decorations were broken.  Not entirely surprising really as many of them weren't even wrapped up and were knocking around in a box far too big for the contents *grumble*.

Allotment successes

We've not had too bad a year on the plot all in all, you'll see Sam holding up some peppers that we FINALLY managed to grow, we think we know what we've been doing wrong all of these years so with any luck next year we won't be able to move for peppers we've grown.  

Exciting news from the plot as well.... we have a new plot share, the lovely Sam (different Sam it's confusing for all when I ask Sam/Sam to pass me something) and guess what, she turns up to the plot and works on it!  What a miracle!!  I will do a separate post  to show you the amazing progress she's made already :)

Friday, 6 November 2015

The view from this mat

Oh yeah I have a blog

Life huh?  Busy isn't it?  Work has been hectic and my gym classes have suffered because of it, I've kept attendance up as best I can but it's fair to say my routine has been sketchy at best for the last month or so.

One of the classes I attended last week was yoga, always one of my favourites especially on a  Friday evening as it sets you up perfectly for the weekend.  Well it used to until more and more people were packed into the class and there was no room to swing a cat.  Cue skank footed man.

The first time he set-up in front of me there really was no room so we were all a bit close for comfort, during cobra pose my face was alarmingly close to his rough AF peeling skinned feet.  It was horrible and ruined the class but it's one of those things so *shrug* I tried to put it behind me until last Friday when he set-up in front of me again.  Gah!  The trouble was there was plenty of room for him to move somewhere else and give us both the room we needed but he didn't. then class began and he put he skank feet on my mat.  NOPE.  I had to leave the class for a moment if I didn't I probably would have punched him in the face, which of course is not very yoga.

Time for a change

I've been doing my current gym routine now for about a year so really it's time for a change and this was the prompt I needed to do that so next week Sarah and I are going to give spinning a try.  I've heard it's pretty brutal but I'm really excited to give it a try, the bonus is it's at the gym just around the corner from me rather than all the way across town so that's a win.

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