Saturday, 14 November 2015

Everyday adventuring


This last fortnight in particular has been crazy busy, with all the staff cuts at work there is no quiet time any more where we can catch our breath and do all of those jobs that aren't urgent.  My colleagues and I eat/sleep/work/repeat but hey we do it with colourful bunting and a smile on our faces so that's ok then...

Sarah and I did squeeze in a trip to the Bike Shed Theatre where we saw We This Way, the audience hold up different coloured glow sticks to dictate the direction of the story it was really interesting I would recommend it.

Christmas disappointments

I'm going back to a real Christmas tree, I tried a fake one last year and it just wasn't the same not nearly as Chritmassy and exciting as a real tree.  To celebrate this decision Sarah and I ordered a bunch of novelty decorations from ASDA sadly the order arrived incomplete and many of the decorations were broken.  Not entirely surprising really as many of them weren't even wrapped up and were knocking around in a box far too big for the contents *grumble*.

Allotment successes

We've not had too bad a year on the plot all in all, you'll see Sam holding up some peppers that we FINALLY managed to grow, we think we know what we've been doing wrong all of these years so with any luck next year we won't be able to move for peppers we've grown.  

Exciting news from the plot as well.... we have a new plot share, the lovely Sam (different Sam it's confusing for all when I ask Sam/Sam to pass me something) and guess what, she turns up to the plot and works on it!  What a miracle!!  I will do a separate post  to show you the amazing progress she's made already :)

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