Sunday, 25 October 2015

Birthday Funday!

Getting old kinda sucks

Every year about two weeks before my birthday I get the gloom.  Another year older... I know it's just a number but sometimes it just doesn't feel like that, especially when on your actual birthday you'll be in London at a conference talking EU and Higher Education policy.  Uggghhhhh.  I made a flying visit to the capital racing up after work on Wednesday, I saw my friends for the briefest of brief catch-ups then headed to my brothers new place on the Northern Line.

The next day (my actual birthday) I sat in a conference centre for five hours to discuss paperwork, EU policy, and listened to the world's most boring speaker from the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills it was as exciting as it sounds.  Plus point?  A decent lunch, silver lining and all that.

Birthday Fun Day - rescheduled.

So for weeks Sarah has been listening to me whine on about my birthday and how it is almost always a complete wash out and she insisted we had a Birthday Fun Day on the Friday.  Now anyone who lives in Devon may not agree with what I have classified here as a 'fun day' as 'fun' but here we go...

Trago Mills was our first stop, a friend on Facebook posted a status describing Trago Mills as the Dismaland of Devon - true and false in equal measure.  It's is the shittest place, it's falling apart at the seams but OMG you can get the BEST tat there without having to rummage too hard either.  We stocked up on tacky as all hell Christmas decorations, baskets to take to the woods when we go foraging, craft supplies, kitchen supplies and cacti... so many cacti.  We also stroked (slightly harassed) the animals in Pets Corner naming one of the goats Babs, she (probably he actually) was adorable and now I want a pet goat.

Next stop?  Asda.  Yeah you heard me, we don't have an Asda where I live and Sarah wanted to pick up a copper french press (they were out of stock) and a cream vintage style kettle (they were out of stock) and if she could find some Marmite flavoured nuts all the better (they were out of stock).  It wasn't the best stop on our day of fun, but we did class things up by eating Ginsters sat in the car, in the car park whilst passing comment on those around us.

Then it was Hobbycraft to stock up on wool (I'm making a blanket at the moment), try on freaky animal masks, and pick up cross stitch supplies for Sarah's current craft project.  Basically our Birthday Fun Day involved a lot of shopping and it was awesome, there were other stops on our day of fun but I've been prattling on for some time now.

Upon reflection

So there we go, another year older, another year wiser.  It's been a tough year and I've learnt a lot of life lessons I'm hoping the next 12 months will be slightly kinder for me, my friends and my family.  Things I have gained are some awesome friendships that I completely and utterly treasure, some new hobbies that I'm good at, an 'above and beyond' award at work in recognition for the work I've been doing, and an appreciation for how normal, everyday life is a great thing especially when that has been disrupted for a time.

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