Monday, 16 November 2015

The view from plot 39a

Found photos

I was taking some photos to put stuff on eBay (ugh so skint!) and found these on the memory card.  They were taken in late August/early September before other Sam joined us on the plot and before we had constructed serenity shed to shelter in when in rains (rather than hiding under a sheet of plastic!).

The spiral tendrils are from the butternut squash plant, once you give it a little support it climbs and climbs sending out these amazing spiral arms to grip onto whatever comes within it's grasp.  The apple trees behind the polytunnel where ridiculously abundant this year so many of the apples were just rotting on the ground next year we might try and make some cider with them.  Hopefully we won't go blind...

I'll do a proper update from the plot soon, it has been so rainy recently and the plot turns to sticky, heavy mud making it almost impossible to work on and no fun to photograph.  

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