About me

Hi, Anna here (sometimes Annie).  I am a thirty-ish administrator by day, allotmenter, gym goer, car boot sale attendee, and cat lover by night and weekend. I share my life with my husband Sam and a crazy little cat called Mewster in the South West of the UK.

I write about my unrelenting love of Breton striped clothing, yoga, growing fruit and veg, my journey towards fitness and cats, lots of cats.  I take kitsch too far and get way too competitive when playing any version of Mario Kart but Mario Kart 64 in particular (my character is usually Peach).  I'm slowly turning our house into a jungle as I never seem able to say no to either a good house plant or a good planter which inevitably needs a new house plant put in it.  This little blog is my favourite hobby, I hope you enjoy reading it!

You can also find me on Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr!

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