Saturday, 25 July 2015

The view from this mat

Wardrobe malfunctions

Quite often at the gym you see way more of other people than you bargained for, leggings are more see through than one would imagine, shorts don't cover all that nature gave you, and VPL is prominent wherever you turn.  I'm not super keen on everyone being able to see the outline of my pants through my leggings so when I found some seam free pants I thought I would give them a go...

First off, they were mahoooosive, way bigger than they looked on the packet, but fine, I can cope with that no one is going to see them, no one need know how granny-ish they look... Secondly, comfortable fabric but no natural fibres, a cotton plant has been no where near these bad boys, but that shouldn't be a problem, should it?  Cue one of the hottest days of the year, Sarah and I are in the front row of Body Combat giving it our all, but its all good, no one can see my VPL hahahahaha I'm such a winner at this gym thing!  We come down to the floor to start doing our abs track when, what the fuck is this?  Synthetic material = no breathable qualities, I've sweated, of course I have it's hot and I've been kicking and punching for an hour... but it looks like I've wet myself!  This is a disaster!!!  

The situation is made worse by the fact that I have to get through the abs track and cool down without anyone noticing... but the teacher insists we all face the same way for abs, basically our bums face a massive window where the next class wait to come into the sports hall, they spend that time watching... ohhhhhh shit.  But what can I do?  I struggle through and make a hasty exit via the side door straight out into the car park, I catch up with Sarah and basically flash her my sweaty crotch.  She pointed and laughed, I would have too if the roles had been reversed.  

The hell pants were unceremoniously binned.

Have you got any wardrobe malfunctions that you can share with me to make me feel better???

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  1. And I'd point and laugh again :) You rocked that sweaty crotch like no other


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