Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Christmas Gift Guide: Tweens

I have two amazing nieces to buy for, one is a tween, one is soon to be a tween.  Missy Big is on the cusp of all things teenage but isn't quite there yet, Missy Little looks up to her sister and is therefore really interested in what she gets for Christmas so the stakes this year are pretty high.  

When compiling this gift guide I had my nieces in mind but have tried to keep it as un-gendered as possible (I really don't like gift guides for 'her' or 'him' they're so predictable).

Ok let me talk you through the reasoning behind these choices:
  • Monopoly Deal: this card game is great and a lot quicker than the board game version, the whole family can play and involves pretty grown up strategy to win.
  • Penny skateboard: it seems that tweens really start to take more and more of an interest in technology, and (sweeping generalisation here...) less of an interest in outdoor physical activity so something like the awesome Penny Skateboard might just take interest away from phones and iPads.
  • Slingshot: I had mixed feelings about adding this one, I really like it as an object and think it could be really fun but I know many of my friends who are parents have problems with any toys that resemble weapons - happy to hear your thoughts on this one, as someone who isn't a parent I would give this as a gift is that appropriate?
  • Doodle duvet: what's not to love about customising your own duvet cover?
  • Wooden microphone ruler: erm... I just think it would be great to have this in my pencil case, I was a big fan of stationary when I was at school spending most of my pocket money buying new stuff each term.
  • Multi coloured battery operated candle: when I was a tween my friends and I would always be giving one another candles as gifts I think it gave my parents regular mini heart attacks.  If these had been around when I was a tween I think both me and my parents would have loved this option, plus.. multi coloured!
  • Wireless charger: it's compulsory to have at least one practical gift at Christmas right?  This seems like a pretty sleek option, much better than socks.
  • Temporary tattoos: this ETSY seller has loads of great options, I liked this watch as well as some really great lolly options which entertain for a hour or so on Christmas day?
  • Hair chalk: all the hair colours under the sun without ruining the best bathroom towels.

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