Sunday, 18 December 2016

Life lately

Where did the time go?  The last time I posted was in April and so much has happened since then, or at least a lot for my little, contained life....

  • I went to Austin, Texas!  I have wanted to go there for years and years.  I liked it, but I didn't love it - it was hot.  Like hotter than the surface of the sun hot (hyperbole much?) but the SoCo area was cool and I experienced the most intense thunder storm in my life which I loved, obviously.
  • I went to Denver, Colorado!  Flying into Denver airport took my breath away.  America does big nature and the Rockies in Denver were possibly the biggest nature I've seen for quite some time.  The backdrop to this lush city was utterly stunning and I'm so glad that my job took me to Denver, somewhere I wouldn't have thought to go had it not been a work trip.
  • I celebrated my Birthday in France with my folks and MozzyMr.  It was so nice to relax and completely get away from our everyday lives, we caught up with my relatives and went to Futuroscope which was weird frankly and not somewhere I am likely to return to.
  • I got a little promotion, I'm pretty chuffed with progress at work it has been SO difficult and so hectic but has been made so much better by having an amazing team of people around me.  
  • I was asked to participate in an expert panel at the British Council Erasmus+ conference.  That was scary but awesome, I'm so glad I had the opportunity.
  • We finally took over the whole plot at the allotment.  MoMa and I worked on it for two weeks in the summer and it looks great!  We have a pond in place with actual wildlife living in it and crops already growing ready for spring.
  • Brexit happened, that was shit and hateful.  I'm still not over it and frankly cannot believe the sheer racist stupidity of the country we live in.
  • I visited Liverpool for the first time, what an awesome city with so much to see.  I was there for a week on business so didn't see as much or it as I would have liked but did see a Francis Bacon exhibition at Tate Liverpool which was sleek.
  • We said a sad farewell to a couple of relatives this year as well as a fond hello to the babies of lovely friends.
  • I started painting again and attending the studio on a relatively regular basis
  • I stopped going to the gym.  I have mixed feelings about this, I loved exercising but lost my love for the classes I was doing.  I haven't found the class or activity I really want to do yet, the netball club I used to attend in my hometown disbanded and the nearest one was just a bit too far away to make it a viable option but when I find that new thing I'll let you know.
  • MozzyMr celebrated a significant birthday this year and our wonderful friends came to visit and celebrate with us, it was awesome.
  • I volunteered at two charity events this year, both for Hospicare and I loved both events the enthusiasm people have for helping others is inspiring.
  • I saw comedian Henning Wehn and the AWESOME Christmas Queens 2 in Cardiff with my sleek and amazing friend Mel.  
So I have one day left at work before the holidays and I cannot wait.  I'm going to hang out with Mewster and MozzyMr, work on the allotment, do some painting at the studio, get ourselves to Dartmoor for a trek across the moors, go to the beach and play computer games... all the computer games.

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