Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Hello and welcome!

Oh hi!  I'm back, with a new blog 'outfit' - Sometimes Annie.  I used to blog over here, a little blog I set up originally to document what my husband and I were making, brewing, baking and generally crafting for our handmade wedding which took place in July 2011.  I kept the little blog going because I liked the creative outlet it allowed me but over the years it lost direction and became a chore not a pleasure.  I last posted on it in July 2014 and after a nice break whereby I lived my life experiencing life's ups and downs I feel ready to come back to blogging with a new energy and a new focus.

So let me introduce to you the things that I fancy writing about, some carry over from the other blog, some are new.  I really hope you enjoy reading Sometimes Annie (I'll tell you the story of this name another day!) do follow using either the Bloglovin button or email signup!

Our allotment plays a big role in my life, from weeding and developing the plot to planting seeds, nurturing plants and cooking and preserving what we grow.  Getting an allotment was one of the best decisions we made and one I hope we will continue to work on for many years to come.

Netball is a relatively new addition to my life, it started as a way to socialise with friends but it quickly turned into a real passion, I recently played in my first tournament, and I LOVED it! (I play Goal Shooter.)

This little beastie features big in my life, she's called Mewster.  She's no angel that's for sure but she is the daftest, funnest, most gentle cat I've ever had the pleasure of living with.  She gets herself into trouble a lot (we've had to unhook her from the toaster and the boiler, and if we let her into the spare room she has figured out how to print stuff from our computer).  She's a pleasure to live with and I'm sure there is space on the internet for another cat?

And finally... those everyday adventures from long weekends, to random finds with a bit of health and fitness thrown in for good measure.
I hope you will enjoy the ride, feel free to ask any questions, any time!

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