Saturday, 28 March 2015

Introducing... Mewster

Hello all, I briefly introduced Mewster in my first post but I wanted to go into a bit more detail because this crazy cat is just an awesome part of our lives (my husband and I).

First things first, and this maybe anthropomorphising Mew here but she seems to have comic timing, she'll wait until a pause in the conversation to squeak at us seemingly answering questions we put to her, she'll stick her head out through the curtains during emotive and dramatic moments in a film we're watching with a frankly vacant look on her face.

She gets stuck in things, all the time.  We've had to unhook her from the top of the back garden fence - somehow from somewhere she had found a pompom with a loop hanging out she stuck her head through the loop and was wearing it like a necklace but it got caught on some ivy growing on the fence.  I have had to detach her from the casing of the boiler, she got her paw stuck in the toaster (don't worry we don't leave it plugged in!), she jumped down the back of a cabinet the gap between the wall and the cabinet was too narrow for her to move so we had to pull her out by her back legs, she will climb underneath the fitted sheet on the bed but not be able to find her way out.  She was perhaps a jester or clown in another life?

She is a right ol' lazy bones (like most cats to be fair).  Seeking out the best sunspots or underfloor hot pipes and generally making me jealous of her sweet lifestyle.  

She endures mummy cuddles with minimum fuss, she sometimes leaves her tongue poking out when she is finished having a wash and lets you poke it back in for her.  She has learnt how to do high fives, not just when Sam and I encourage her to do so either, strangers can get some sweet high five action from Mew.  She does a good job of guarding her territory sometimes a bit too well, she'll jump up onto the extension roof that links our house with the neighbours and sit at their bathroom window...observing... creepy.

All in all?  She's a pretty awesome little beast to share your life with, if you continue reading this little blog chances are you're going to hear a lot more about her.

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  1. Having met Mewster I can safely say she is one of the coolest cats ever! xx


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