Saturday, 18 April 2015


I briefly mentioned in my last post that fellow blogger and gym buddy Sarah and I have set-up #fudgeitfatclub, membership currently stands at....2.  Basically we're sick of the pudge and want rid but would rather spend our money on new clothes than the weight loss support type groups out there.  I've done this before, for my wedding I slimmed down, I loved feeling trim however I wasn't particularly healthy (close to the big day I used my daily allowance of 1200 calories just eating bourbon biscuits, I was fucking starving!) or fit which is something I would like to work on this time around.

Identifying pitfalls

I feel like I have the exercise thing down now, I have found the classes and activities I love and the motivation to attend classes week in week out.  Perhaps naively I thought the weight would just fall off with all this exercise, alas no.  Obviously something is amiss, these are the culprits I have identified:

  • I am a lazy cook, after a long day at work and an exercise class or two after that I cannot be muffed preparing something packed with vegetables I would rather go for the convenience of toast.  Toast is not dinner.
  • Stress.  There is a far amount of this around at the moment, at work there is talk of restructuring and redundancies, it's all anyone can talk about which is exhausting.  I'm not proud of what I'm about to write but to unwind I drink a glass of wine or two every night and not in a sophisticated French way, I chug it back like it's medicine.  Not cool.
  • I reward eat.  If I know I'm doing a strenuous class or two in the evening I will allow myself a chocolate bar, or bread, or a heavy lunch.  Pizza is my favourite and makes more of a regular appearance on my weekly meal plan (hahahaha there is no meal plan) then it should.  The treats aren't treats, they're every day and sometimes I eat without mindfulness at all so the treats aren't even being savoured.
Setting goals

Like I say, I've done this before so I know I can do this again, so that's half the battle.  Sarah put together a folder of measurement plans, exercise logs and other documents to help us on our journey, on the front cover of the folder is the quote 'success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out'.  This resonates with me a lot, unlike when I was losing weight for the wedding which was a very specific target, this time I'm aiming for lifestyle changes that are permanent with the bonus that they enable me to lose weight.  Here are some goals to start me off, I intend to add to these as I progress:

  • Stop with the Diet Coke EVERYDAY, that stuff is not good for you.  Water is the go to drink of choice, peppermint tea or hot water and lemon.
  • Treats are treats, I still need the odd one, but restricting treats to the weekend means I know they're on their way and I can look forward to them and appreciate them more.
  • Stop the drinking, it doesn't help with any of the stress, costs me too much money and hinders my progress to the goals that will genuinely make me happy.
  • Cycle to work everyday.  I've already made a start on this one and cycle a couple of times a week.  My workplace is at the top of a very very steep hill, when I started cycling I had to get off and push my bike up it but I've been progressing and can now cycle four fifths of the way - that last fraction of hill?  I shall conquer it!

Well that seems like a good start to begin with, I hope to check in again with positive updates on how I'm getting on.  Are any of you on a weight loss/lifestyle change journey?  Got any tips you'd like to share?

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