Thursday, 9 April 2015

Why Sometimes Annie?

This lot

So why 'Sometimes Annie'?, basically because of this lot.  During university I lived with this bunch and it was pretty awesome, we didn't move into our shared house as a group but independently of one another (in fact moving to this house share is how I met my husband).  Happily it turned out we all had a lot in common and we gelled pretty quickly (you wouldn't think we liked one another if you ever overheard us playing Mario Kart 64).

Other people came and went from our little group but these folks were really the core, even when there were arguments about Big Brother or putting orange juice in the door of the fridge it was all quite funny and no grudges ever lasted long.

You can't shorten Anna

Inevitably nicknames developed over time but there isn't an awful lot you can do with Anna, it's a tricky one to shorten.  We already had a Jimmy, a Jenny, a Bailey and a Sammy so naturally I became Annie, only a select few people get to call me Annie.  If you call me Annie and I don't correct you, you know we're cool.

(This photo was taken years after I graduated when we re-united for Sam and my wedding in 2011.)

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