Friday, 3 April 2015

Introducing... netball

Game image source: Teignmouth Thunderbirds

I love netball.  It is something I find myself talking about more and more, I've played in two tournaments now, on Monday I captained a team and we only went and bloody won!  I was so over the moon it was so much fun.  

In the beginning..

I dabbled in playing netball at school but I wasn't the fittest girl there and never really got a proper look in on games.  The teachers wanted to beat the other local schools I must have been more of a hindrance than an asset to them (tiny violins playing just for me), in fact I was given the rather back handed compliment of receiving a trophy for 'most improved player', I still have that token of mockery.

Back to netball

About a year ago my friend Bekah saw a leaflet advertising Back to Netball at one of our local sports centres so me and another friend Sarah went a long with Bekah to check it out.  We were never a big group of Back to Netballers at our peak we probably had about 14 people there, our first coach was call Jaz (Jasmine) and she really motivated us and improved our skills but being an ambitious sort she went and got herself a job up country and had to leave us.  We kept the group going with one of the players informally coaching for about 4 months but pushed the sports centre to get a new coach and to re-energise the advertising for our little Back to Netball group.  True to their word they got us another coach who was with us for a grand total of five weeks before she moved on as well (we're not hateful people who drive these coaches away I promise!), finally we got Angie as our coach who oversees another training group the Teignmouth Thunderbirds.  I've played with this group and they're an amazing, welcoming group of people and I can't wait to start training with them.  

Sad news

However, last night came the news that the original little Back to Netball group have had their funding pulled and the sports centre won't continue to back us, our team has been hit with a number of injuries and other life events recently so attendance has been flaky at best.  To say I'm gutted that the original group potentially won't continue is something of an understatement, whilst I've enjoyed playing with and intend to join the Thunderbirds I always wanted our fledgling Exeter group to keep going and to play in tournaments.  Huff.

I'm determined to keep playing though, I've found my favourite position (goal shooter) and seem to be doing ok at it, I want to keep getting better and see where netball can take me.

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