Thursday, 7 May 2015

The view from this mat


One of the things that originally put me off going to the gym was the idea of jiggling about next to honed and ridiculous gym bunnies casting their critical eye upon me.  What I actually found was a really supportive group of people, yes of course there are some arsehats but the majority of people are just trying to be healthier and fitter.  One such person is a guy who joined yoga a couple of weeks ago, he's clearly on a journey to get fitter, like all of us.  He's quiet, keeps himself to himself, turns up, works out and tries hard, and I'm endlessly impressed by him.  There's no posturing or making a big thing about how many people he knows in class and how he is a regular unlike....

The kill em with kindness couple

They don't sound too bad do they?  They're SUPER chatty, fake friendly (that's not just me being a bitch I have witnessed the teethy smiles to a persons face followed by the bitchy comments behind their back) and loud, they dominate every class they're in by demonstrating loudly that they have in jokes with the instructors.  

On a Thursday there is a pilates class straight after yoga, before the yoga class attendees have even had the chance to get their shoes on the kill em with kindness couple storm in to claim their space.  In theory I don't have a problem with that, we all have our 'spot' in each class but they claim their spot by dumping their stuff on you, literally ON YOU (they put a bag on my friends legs the other day).  To make matters worse the bloke in this irksome couple stinks, tangy, nasty, sweat stink which wafts around the room and punches you in the face. A courtesy spritz of deodorant would be appreciated by everyone fella.

The machine

The machine also goes by the name of Simon, he's our new Tuesday Body Pump instructor, he's really nice and built like a brick shithouse.  I like the energy and enthusiasm he brings to the class, last Tuesday he was covering the Body Combat class I take before I do Pump and seriously he is a MACHINE he just keeps going and going, he even claimed that the new Combat track was 'easy' hahahahahahaha!  Watching him roll those shoulders whilst upper cutting was confusing, his arms made perfect circles, I didn't even know that was possible!  Here is a visual representation of Simon:

I hope someone out there in blog land is writing about the curly haired lady at the gym who has no coordination or sense of timing!  What gym characters have you come across?


  1. Go you! Just how many classes do you do each week, it's exhausting just trying to keep track of it all!

    1. hahaha not too many, there are certainly people at the gym who do two or more classes A DAY!! Intimidating!


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