Friday, 1 May 2015

Wardrobe wishlist

Lazy bank holiday weekends...

... deserve casual new outfits!  I'm actually saving up for my forthcoming trip to Boston and New York at the end of May (eeeeeee only a few weeks to go!) so can't splurge on new outfits, but if I COULD I would put this little outfit together, I'd probably wear it with black leggings as it's not quite warm enough get to get the old pins out!

For the love of tan

I seem to be developing a deep rooted love of all things tan leather, I have actually ordered the sandals because I've been told they're really comfortable so I thought they would be great for stomping around the streets of New York and will go with most of my clothes (fingers crossed they arrive before I leave).  Lets not forgot the awesomeness of animal print either, almost every outfit I wear these days has a splash of animal print in there somewhere, this skirt is the perfect colour combination of red and turquoise, put with mustard yellow?  All my favourite colours in one place!


The weather for the forthcoming bank holiday weekend doesn't look amazing, a lot of rain and low temperatures but that's perfect for me. I've had some hectic weekends recently and I could really do with a pj day, relaxing, watching films and drinking cups of coffee - bliss!  What plans do you have, anyone travelling this weekend?

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